Nino and Bank Account

First step that you  need to do if you want to start working in UK is to apply at Job Center Plus for the right to work and to get your National Insurance Number – NINO

Then you must have a bank account to be paid by your employer

To fill all this steps you need to provide to British autorities your documents.

Those are your Passport (preferable) or ID and your Proof of adress wich can be a landlord or agency rent contract, any kind of utilitie bills or your UK driving license

For all of this we are here to help you !

One of our recruiter will assist you to manage and handle all this steps and will accompany you on Job Center Plus interview and also at the bank

We will take care that all documents that are requested to be provided, so you can get your right to work in UK

All you need to do is to contact us and let us know about your request

We are expecting you !