What we do


Company ”Corporate” E-Intro is a global, specialist professional recruitment consultancy.

“Our story begins in 1995, when our CEO, opened the first office in Romania. We have led the company ever since and have the same passion and commitment today.

Over the last 20 years the business has grown and so has our ambition. We now operate across 8 countries and employ over 3,900 people. It’s a powerful success story built on the strength of our people.

We operate now in our office based in London where we try to identify the best 10% candidates from Romania, Bulgaria and Armenia which want to work in sectors as IT, Constuction and Hospitality.

In our portofolio of clients you can find Romanian Police, Romanian Secret Service and one of the biggest supplyer of people for European Institution as European Parliament, European Commission, Nato and one of the biggest corporate companies in the world

Organisations rely on us to find high quality professionals for a range of specialist roles. Professionals who are looking for a new role, whether it’s on a permanent, temporary or contract basis, trust us to find them their ideal job.

We believe that E Intro is something special. But we and our team company never forget that the most important person to us is you – whether you’re a hiring manager or a job seeker.”

Deputy CEO, E Intro Corporate Business Company